Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Yi 1159: work before play (revisited)

Legge: The first line, magnetic, shows one placing mats of the white mao grass under things set on the ground. There will be no error.
Wilhelm/Baynes: To spread white rushes underneath. No blame.
Blofeld: For mats, use white rushes -- no error! [White rushes are less common than ordinary ones and probably make more beautiful mats. The implication may be that, if we decide to do things rather nicely, we might as well go a little further and do them as charmingly as possible.]
Liu: To spread white rushes below leads to no blame.
Ritsema/Karcher: A sacrifice availing-of white thatch grass. Without fault.
Shaughnessy: For the mat use white cogon-grass; there is no trouble.
Cleary (1): Spreading white reeds; no fault.
Cleary (2): Spreading a mat of white reeds, there is no blame.
Wu: Use of white mats in making offerings is blameless.
Confucius/Legge: She feels the weakness of being in the lowest place, and uses extraordinary care. Wilhelm/Baynes: The yielding is underneath.
Blofeld: The reference is derived from the position of this yielding line below so many firm ones. [A further commentary explains that they symbolize treating things with gentleness.]Ritsema/Karcher: Supple located below indeed. Cleary (2): Flexibility in a low position. Wu: Because the meek is in the low position.
The Master said: To place the things on the ground might be considered sufficient; but when one places mats of the white grass beneath them, what occasion for blame can there be? Such a course shows the height of carefulness. The white grass is a trivial thing, but through the use made of it, it may become important. One who goes forward using such careful art will not fall into any error.
Legge: The first line is magnetic, at the bottom of both the hexagram and the lower trigram of Humility or Flexibility. Therefore she is distinguished by carefulness, as in the matter mentioned, and there is a good auspice.
Siu: At the outset, the man displays considerable care in embarking upon an important enterprise.
Wing: When embarking on an important endeavor, it is necessary to pay particular attention to details at the beginning. The times are indeed extraordinary, and you must be particularly careful to proceed in the right way. Being overcautious is not a mistake.
Editor: The idea is to lay a careful foundation for any enterprise to prevent later instability. Make careful choices now to prevent evil consequences later on.

Line 1 Spread white rushes underneath = no blame. Changes to (43) Determination. There is a need to take preparatory steps or be more cautious about building a careful foundation prior to proceeding. Don’t put the cart before the horse. You may need to examine how resolute you are in actually going after your goal. The white rushes symbolize a mat of calmness beneath you as your Determination leads to a Breakthrough of clarity in a challenging situation.

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