Friday, April 28, 2017

Yi 1253: Annamarie 76

she's the picture of beautiful
inside and out
but I've got to be dutiful
and so this is about
letting her be
as setting her free
from those things of me without doubt.  

Legge: The fifth line, magnetic, shows one with a chronic complaint, but who lives on without dying.
Wilhelm/Baynes: Persistently ill, and still does not die.
Blofeld: Illness is presaged, but it will not last long or cause death.
Liu: Long illness, but still living.
Ritsema/Karcher: Trial: affliction. Persevering, not dying.
Shaughnessy: Determination is illness; if constant you will not die.
Cleary (1): There is a persistent illness, but one never dies.
Cleary (2): Chaste in illness, one never dies.
Wu: It is like having a persistent illness, but not fatal.

Line 5 Persistence = chronically ill but does not die. Changes to (45) Gathering Together. Enthusiasm is obstructed and creates pressure, slowing down a sense of joining others. However, the blockage is a source of enlightenment for all. This is an uncomfortable situation which has the potential to lead to a breakthrough. You may need to accept that this is as good as it gets but growth and potential are still possible.

(more) Wilhelm: Six in the fifth place means: Persistently ill, and still does not die.

Here enthusiasm is obstructed. A man is under constant pressure, which prevents him from breathing freely. However, this pressure has its advantage--it prevents him from consuming his powers in empty enthusiasm. Thus constant pressure can actually serve to keep one alive.
Changing only this line creates Hexagram 45 - Ts'ui / Gathering Together (Massing). This is another of the lines that looks bad, and is bad yet has an ultimate outcome that is better than expected. Persistently ill but at least he dosen't die! Legge goes further and says that this line represents a weak ruler "...he is in danger of being carried away by the lust of pleasure." These interpretations are quite different, nevertheless the resultant hexagram, 45, indicates that eventually the person concerned, in this line, gathers followers and attains good fortune and success. Presumably this line is a warning that as long as one maintains inappropriate enthusiasms, one will find good fortune hard to come by.

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