Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Yi 1233: facts relevant to the flower juggling herein

I am alone, and have been for six years, post-(what I call) divorce.

All queries re: the prolific and ongoing "flower juggling" relate to dreams and/or simple attractions and/or loud readings and/or hunches and/or intuitive exploration and/or fleeting ("meaningless") interaction and/or other "things" that have nothing to do with what is or has been "really" happening in my life other than bumping into stimuli that spurs the questions I ask.

It's all theory, conjecture and exploration via the equivalent of arguably (more) sophisticated turning over of cards and/or rolling dice, as if sixes and/or snake-eyes might offer some glimpse into hidden (or not) dynamics, thus providing my meandering through the garden of my imagination some more informed direction.

In the meantime, I write.

And write this because it occurs to me what it might look like, which is not really a blip on my radar other than it might be not such a bad idea, given aforementioned (in a different post of similar tone and content) "potential realities."

And written as well because I sense a change of season brought on by perhaps nothing more nor less than the natural ebb that is concomitant with flow. An organic movement toward "cease and desist" that coincides with (and is partially effected by) the new season, which has to do with Taking Care of Business (better). (See: "In the meantime, I write.")

And maybe this statement of facts lends helpful clarity to at least one of the other flowers.

While perhaps also reassuring my mom, for whom this "stuff" is probably at least a little unwieldy, that I am not yet completely crazy. (Love you, mom.)

Anyway. Time for a change in this regard; it's become a little messy and tired.

Legge: The second line, dynamic, shows a decayed willow producing shoots, or an old husband in possession of his young wife; there will be advantage in every way.
Wilhelm/Baynes: A dry poplar sprouts at the root. An older man takes a young wife. Everything furthers.
Blofeld: The withered willow tree puts forth new shoots -- an old man takes to wife a young girl. Everything is favorable.
Liu: The withered poplar tree sprouts new shoots. The old man marries a young wife. Everything is favorable.
Ritsema/Karcher: A withered willow giving birth-to a sprig. A venerable husband acquiring his woman consort. Without not Harvesting.
Shaughnessy: The bitter poplar gives life to sprouts: The old fellow gets his maiden consort; there is nothing not beneficial.
Cleary (1): A withered willow produces sprouts; an old man gets a girl for a wife. Altogether beneficial.
Cleary (2): … None do not benefit.
Wu: A withered willow tree grows a young shoot. An old man takes a young wife. Everything is advantageous. [Ancient society gave approval to this kind of matrimony for the desire of having children in the family. Willow trees like water and do well on the bank of marshes. It is not uncommon for a withered old tree to have new shoots.]
Confucius/Legge: Such association is extraordinary. Wilhelm/Baynes: The extraordinary thing is their coming together. Blofeld: He weds her because they have been overmuch together. [From his point of view, it is in any case a matter for satisfaction, so it is taken here to symbolize favorable circumstances. Some commentaries suggest another implication, namely that the old man is able to take on tasks normally difficult for the elderly.] Ritsema/Karcher: Exceeding uses mutual associating indeed. Cleary (2): (He) has her for a companion in spite of being older. Wu: (They) will make a harmonious couple.
Legge: Line two has no proper correlate above, hence he inclines to the magnetic first line below him. This suggests an old husband with a young wife who will yet have children. The action will turn out favorably.
Siu: An extraordinary reinvigoration occurs. During unusual occasions it may be desirable to join the lowly in order to permit a new outlook and growth.
A. A fruitful renewal.
B. Old ideas are reinvigorated by fresh insights.
C. A creative balance of knowledge and ability.

Line 2 A dry poplar sprouts at the root, an older man takes a young wife = everything furthers. Changes to (31) Influence/Wooing. There is a fresh start to a situation that may have seemed to have withered or died. A renewal can take place because fresh ideas or new insights invigorate a decayed situation. You can encourage new growth by exciting or Influencing others by your ideas. Pushing forward willfully will get you nowhere.

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