Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Yi 1196: Natasha 81

Legge: The fourth line, magnetic, shows its subject seeking for union with the one beyond herself. With firm correctness there will be good fortune.
Wilhelm/Baynes: Hold to him outwardly also. Perseverance brings good fortune.
Blofeld: He co-operates with people beyond his immediate circle. Righteous persistence will bring good fortune.
Liu: Union outside. Continuing brings good fortune.
Ritsema/Karcher: Outside Grouping it. Trial: significant.
Shaughnessy: From outside ally with him; determination is auspicious.
Cleary (1): Accord with one outside is right and bodes well.
Cleary (2): According with the wise outside, correctness brings good results.
Wu: He gives his support to the exterior one. To be persevering will be auspicious.

Line 4 Hold union outwardly = determination is auspicious. Changes to (45) Gathering Together. There are times when it is appropriate to seek union with others beyond your circle of intimate associates. You may need to step out of your network or social sphere to seek union with people who can teach you or guide you to a higher level. Maybe you are spending time with someone you wouldn’t normally associate with but are gaining wisdom through the association. By gathering diverse people in your sphere you are able to explore all aspects of who you are. By looking without, you learn more about what is hidden within.

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