Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Yi 1186: Natasha 79

besides that she's a virtual figment of my fecund imagination...

and more Nearing. 

Legge: The third line, dynamic, shows that, while there is no state of peace that is not liable to be disturbed, and no departure of evil men so that they shall not return, yet when one is firm and correct, as he realizes the distresses that may arise, he will commit no error. There is no occasion for sadness at the certainty of such recurring changes; and in this mood the happiness of the present may be long enjoyed.
Wilhelm/Baynes: No plain not followed by a slope. No going not followed by a return. He who remains persevering in danger is without blame. Do not complain about this truth; enjoy the good fortune you still possess.
Blofeld: Every plain is followed by a slope; every going forth is followed by a return. Persistence under difficulty will not lead to error. Do not lose faith, for an eclipse is sometimes a blessing. [The whole of this passage suggests present difficulties which we can surely overcome.]
Liu: No plain without a slope. No departure without a return. Continuing in a difficult situation. No blame. Do not fear; face the truth. One receives blessings.
Ritsema/Karcher: Without evening, not unevening. Without going, not returning. Drudgery, Trial: without fault. No cares: one's conforming. Tending-towards taking-in possesses blessing.
Shaughnessy: There is no flat that does not slope, there is no going that does not return; in determination about difficulty, there is no trouble; do not pity his return; in eating there is good fortune.
Cleary (1): There is no levelness without incline, no going without returning. If one is upright in difficulty, there will be no fault. One should not grieve over one’s sincerity; there will be prosperity in sustenance.
Cleary (2): … Be upright in difficulty and you will be blameless, etc.
Wu: There are no level roads without inclinations and no past events without recurrences. In a difficult time, perseverance will bring no error. Do not pity, but be sincere. There will be happiness.

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