Sunday, April 16, 2017

pecos: the hunt revisited

Really, it all leads up to the hunt.

The hunt on Earl's property.

We've already seen Earl's War Room, basically tech-savvy ranch HQ. Old and new maps on the wall allow Earl to chart a course to the Pecos River, if one chose to take that route for some reason. We see the river at the Pandale crossing when Henry and Donny arrive, on the way to Earl's.

Earl's ex-military, a marine in Vietnam with Henry's late (suicide) uncle, from whom Henry has inherited the Terlingua cabin and land its on.

Earl's wife is the enigmatic Josefina, who sports an eye patch but doesn't miss a thing.

We've seen Earl's rifle collection. We know he allows hunting on his property, for a fee, lease-style, unless he offers the opportunity for free, as he has for Henry, who can ask someone else, if he has anyone in mind.

He does, Donny.

We've already heard their respective hunting stories, how Henry did with the late uncle and how Donny did with his half-Comanche grandfather, Susan's (late) father. Have also gone along on their rabbit hunt.

Earl has a helicopter on the property. Flew 'em in 'Nam. Has miniature Huey in the War Room. Uses drones as surveillance. Cameras in nooks and crannies all about. He brings up some images on the computer in the War Room, which features the mounted head of one of the last Grizzlies taken in the territory, killed by a great-grandfather with a rifle Earl still has. And an elk taken locally, and an aoudad. Land's been in the family before forever. Keeps a few horses. Wears a revolver in a holster when he's out and about on the property: "rattlesnakes and scorpions, things of that nature."

Jesse is along on the hunt because he is invited by an "associate" of Earl's. This man's name is Felix and arrives with Jesse at the ranch in an old-school tricked-out Ford Bronco with rows of lights and rifles racked in the back window. And a suitcase. 

The three men from Dallas, Darrell, Eric and Andy. They have a room in the house. Felix and Jesse have theirs. And Henry and Donny theirs.

At least a few citizens from south of the border have managed their way onto the property, crossing through a damaged part of barbed-wire fencing.

to be cont'd...

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