Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Yi 1102: paint jobs/detailing my "vehicles"

I get the (my) "vehicles" aspect but it took awhile to realize that the paint jobs, besides representing "finishing touches," weren't just that; these (no ordinary) paint jobs are "detailing," which is exactly where I am in Boots, and much of what I do to the other "vehicles" in various stages of manufacture.

And given the glorious gorgeousness of the respective applications, a worthwhile expenditure of time and energy and attention to Getting Things Right.

Besides not cranking out "just another" car/truck.

And affirms when I stop somewhere (because I'm stuck somehow) and wait for Right Way to Do It to come to me, a good example of which is arriving finally at the square dance hall (that actually exists) after having placed the opening scene in a high school gym before later considering a multi-purpose room in a community center-type space.

Either of which would have sufficed. Not much would have been sacrificed. The room of the house, considering the scene in those terms, gets built and, to repeat, suffices.

But I want more than suffice. And this dance space (from here) supplies the coat of paint of such a shimmer and shine that it treats the eyes and senses - the flooring, the stage, the perfect lighting - rather than merely presenting to them a picture that, meh, yeah, gottit, suffices.

Anyway, kind of writing this to myself as both a chronicle of progress as well as giving myself credit for a trait (a kind of o.c.d. obsession re: details) I sometimes give myself a hard time about.

Speaking hexagrammatically, it's allowing for the "2" in the "1," somewhat.

And anyway, if one is putting Porsches together, a good paint job is called for.

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