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Yi 1095: Queen Khong 2

if there's anything to this, she'd likely have a challenge ahead of her.  

Line 3 The abundant rain glistens like stars at noon = breaking the right arm, no blame. Changes to (51) Shocking. In this situation you are not in possession of enough facts to proceed and cannot see clearly. Even while attempting to assist someone else, you can only be harmed or misunderstood in the process. Shocking refers to the unexpected or unknown so give the situation more time to develop before making any decisions.

Changing only this line creates Hexagram 51 - Chen / The Arousing (Shock, Thunder). The bad influences of the previous line have made any contribution by this line impossible. This is not our fault. Legge states this line "...has no one to co-operate with him." The resultant hexagram is 51, The Arousing (Shock, Thunder). We face terrifying times, if we stay calm and self possessed we will come through better off than we started.

Legge: The fourth line, dynamic, shows its subject by firm correctness obtaining good fortune, so that all occasion for repentance disappears. Let him stir himself up, as if he were invading the Demon region, where for three years rewards will come to him and his troops from the great kingdom.
Wilhelm/Baynes: Perseverance brings good fortune. Remorse disappears. Shock, thus to discipline the Devil's Country. For three years, great realms are awarded.
Blofeld: Persistence in a righteous course brings reward and regret vanishes. The subjugation of the land of Kuei involved tremendous activity; but, at the end of three years, great territories were bestowed upon the successful generals. [This implies that we must work and, perhaps, suffer much in order to gain the fulfillment of our will promised in the commentary on this line.]
Liu: Continuing -- good fortune. Remorse vanishes. Great power is used to attack the land of the barbarians. Within three years, rewards from the Great Country.
Ritsema/Karcher: Trial: significant, repenting extinguished. Shake avails-of subjugating souls on-all-sides. Three years- revolved, possessing donating tending-towards the great city.
Shaughnessy: Determination is auspicious; regret is gone. Zhen herewith attacks the Devil-land, in three years having a reward from the great state.
Cleary (1): Remaining correct brings good results, regret vanishes; rising up to conquer the barbarians, in three years one will have the reward of a great country.
Cleary (2): Correctness brings good results; regret vanishes. Vigorously acting to conquer barbarians, etc.
Wu: To be persevering is auspicious and regrets will disappear. A general was appointed to conquer Guifan and decorated accordingly after three years.
Confucius/Legge: The aim of the subject of the line is carried into effect. Wilhelm/ Baynes: What is willed is done. Blofeld: The reward to be gained by persistence and the disappearance of regret both imply that what we will come about. Ritsema/Karcher: Purpose moving indeed. Cleary (2): The aim is carried out. Wu: The aspiration has prevailed.
Legge: The dynamic fourth line is in a magnetic place, which might hinder his endeavors to bring about better conditions. But he is firm and correct, and in the place of the minister next to the magnetic ruler, who is humble and prepared to welcome the fourth line's endeavors. Let him exert himself vigorously and long, as Kao Tsung did in his famous expedition (see hexagram 63:3), and he will make progress and have success. Expeditions beyond the frontier in those days were not very remote. Contact was maintained between the army and the court, and rewards and encouragement were often sent to the troops in the field. Ch'eng-tzu says: "The subject of line four has the ability which the time requires, and possesses also a firm solidity. He can carry out his purpose. There will be good fortune and all occasion for repentance will disappear. The smiting of the demon region was the highest example of firm correctness."
Siu: The time for fierce struggles against the forces of decadence has arrived. The man lays the foundation of power and mastery for the future with vigor. Misgivings are to be silenced. Rewards will come later.
Wing: There is an unavoidable struggle at hand, perhaps a battle of principles. Develop discipline and determination, for the battle must be fought without misgiving to the end. Rewards will come later. Good fortune.
Editor: The Demon region is also mentioned in the third line of hexagram number sixty-three, Completion.It is interesting to note that when this hexagram is turned upside down it becomes hexagram number sixty-three, and line 64:4 is thereby transformed into line 63:3, which see. Psychologically, "the Demon region" is the unintegrated psyche, inhabited by autonomous complexes. The Great Kingdom is the One, the integrated psyche, the abode of the Self.
Therefore know the Self, who is superior to the understanding, control the [ego] by the Self, and destroy, O mighty Arjuna, the enemy, who comes in the guise of desire and is hard to overcome. Bhagavad-Gita 3: 42-43
A. Be firm in a vulnerable position -- a warrior's determination integrates the psyche.

Line 4 Perseverance brings good fortune, remorse disappears. Shock was used to conquer the Devil’s Country and in the 3rd year success. Changes to (4) Youthful Folly. A willingness to go the distance is important because success will not come quickly. Youthfully Folly is a message that we make no mistakes through trial and error. The reference to the Devil’s Country suggests how the closer we get to success, the more we want to give up. Our Shadow and fears manifest more strongly when we are pushing beyond our comfort zone. The trials can be exhausting but again, without trial and error one cannot succeed. Forget each misstep and just concentrate on the goal. If you persevere in this mindset you will succeed.

9 at 4: Determination auspicious, regrets disappear. Zhen benefits of attacking the Gui region. Three years he gets rewards in the big state. It is the battle between light and dark which makes creativity and life emerge. The light side and the dark side will both make no progress if they are on their own. They need each other.
(Changes to hex.4)

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