Monday, April 3, 2017

what i do with it

i store it in the "well, that was interesting" file with all the other "well, that was intersting" entries while realizing they can't all live lives, except in that virtual world where any number of POTENTIAL REALITIES might well occupy their respective spots on the innumerable shelves from which one might pick like books so as to nourish a vision of possibility.

a vision of a possibility that, were it to "come true," would of nature and necessity eliminate the possibility of most if not all the other POTENTIALITIES on said shelves from "coming true."

it isn't always going to come down to One Or The Other but of course there are situations when you just cannot have both or all or anything other than the one, which might also be "only" a POTENTIALITY that holds the potential as well for staying on that shelf and never breathing a moment of "real" life.

i ask questions. i get answers. i take note of pattern and "coincidence," think to myself "well, that was interesting," and more or less move on (to often enough return for more).


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