Saturday, April 15, 2017

sam and willow: sam backstory 1

Sam is 50ish. We meet him when he stops in stops in the middle of the Nowheresville Desert somewhere in the American Southwest, at the tracks where a train is crossing. His right hand at high noon on the steering wheel of his quite-nice 4WD SUV, tech-tricked and plush.

The crossing arm drops in the reflection of Sam's sunglasses. Straight road behind him to nothing. We hear the train, the horn, the clatter. It fills Sam's shades as it rolls through.

SAM'S POV as the train fills the frame with freight cars.

A fuzzy golf-ball size soccer ball dangles from the rearview mirror, jiggling as the train rumbles by, finally out of frame, horn blowing, revealing straight ahead to nowhere except the shimmer of the false water at the seeming end of highway.

Hazy mountains well beyond.

The arm raises.

Sam sits there awhile before finally starting the engine, lingers before pulling ahead and driving over the tracks and driving away, the truck shrinking.

Sam is drive-roaming the region. A recurring dream and most indications point to the vast area as the likely location of his disappeared daughter, 16 when she was abducted three years previously, knocked out by a masked man and dragged into a car later found a thousand miles away, in a ravine, having been set afire.

The abduction was caught on surveillance camera in Mission Viejo, California.

An tragic compilation of unfortunate circumstances re: a sleep-over with friends went wrong, resulting in Hogan, Sam's gone daughter, walking home with a friend too late at night. Their inadvertent separation when one had to pee.

Sam and Kelly, Hogan's mother, had been divorced for a couple years. Hogan was living with mom. Sam, a financial advisor, was living in Portland.

He is in occasional phone contact with a detective on the case, and his sister who lives in Wisconsin.

Sam is driving in search of his daughter and because he has to, he can't stop moving. He has plenty of money. He stays in a hotels each night unless he utilizes the SUV to sleep in occasionally in a campground.

Which is where we'll get some action.

He drinks in the bars of the hotels each night while checking missing-persons info online.

He has recurring dream, with slight, almost evolving variations.


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