Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Love Story 44: more Silver City

Carole arrives in Silver City, met by Ken at the airport. Sunset. A quick hug - "welcome to Silver City" - and he takes her suitcase.

Arrive his car.

K "If you're hungry, I know a couple places."

C "I could eat."

He starts the car. (What would Ken drive?)

Café. The weather. Left rain in Seattle. Supposed to be nice all weekend in Silver City. Ken mentions the drive he has in mind. The waiter arrives.

EXT. Ken's house. Quiet street, elevated view of town, lights twinkling. Ken's car into view. Into the driveway. "Here we are."

INT. Ken's house. Living room. Cats on the couch. Key in the door. They enter.

The "challenge" here is that there's nothing/nobody to cut to. And as this is her first visit, and Big Thing, it isn't like every minute they spend together doesn't matter; they do matter, and so there are no "throw-away" segments.

Meet the cats. Some background on them, rescues.

"Take the tour?"

Carole nods.

to be cont'd...

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