Tuesday, April 18, 2017

dream: me and jose bautista bring one back

I'm, like, kind of  ghosting along with the Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Jose Baustistsa as he leaps at the wall (padded) to take a home run away from the batter who'd hit the long fly ball.

Like I'm outside his body, sort of.


Heck of a play, I think to myself - and remember only now as I write this a home run I robbed one day game in high school - and land with him, taking note that it took some "hops" to get up for the grab.

Day game in the dream, too.

Usually it's their center-fielder Pillar who's making the spectacular plays. Bautista's known more for home runs, runs-batted-in, a bat-flip and eating a straight right thrown by an opponent during a game.


Great play (by a slugger). Can't be too awful.

My right-away goes to "pulling back," a kind of "save."

Pitcher - also me, maybe - gives up a bomb - bad pitch? - and another me (stay with me here) sort of saves the day.

Corrects (or erases) an error.


I/Bautista jog back to the dugout, inning over.

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