Friday, April 21, 2017

Armadilla: Bobby and Lucille: talkinamyself

Married thirty-something years ago, briefly. Both a little on the wild side; Bobby getting deeper into it, Lucille looking to put it behind her and move on. 

Met in a bar in Galveston. Bobby had a boat, fishing charters. Lucille was a cocktail waitress, both in their thirties then.

Fast-track "romance" and married in Vegas. Lived there briefly. Life's a party. Except when it isn't. Bobby's got latent Vietnam issues (along with being wounded and walking with a limp) and Lucille discovers cocaine.

Things come to a head and start going south when Bobby's (and Jeff's) folks are killed in a car accident.

Some of this might come up because Rebecca is curious and Bobby's "got no secrets."

Lucille probably has a friend, too, to whom she reveals this slice of her past. And/or some of it comes up during her open microphone night(s) at the coffee shop in Dallas, where she lives.

I think Lucille may well show up at David's show in Luckenbach.

She keeps a blog that Bobby finds. She's started it post-divorce, having been married to a dentist with whom she had a daughter who lives in Tulsa. (Jeff is clueless to this until he happens upon Bobby's open laptop one night.)

to be cont'd...

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