Tuesday, April 25, 2017

boots: tom gets the call (revisited): the basics


Tom and Wanda on the couch in their pajamas, sitting up at opposite ends, a blanket over where their feet and legs meet.

(Ruth's) painting on the wall above them.

Wanda is reading a magazine/book. Tom has laptop in lap. He hits a few keypads, she turns a page.

TOM: Says here...

WANDA: (two beats) Yes?

TOM: 'Bout that luau you was talkin' about.

WANDA: The one at Diamond Head.

TOM: Yep.

WANDA: (beat) What about it?

TOM: Well, looks like there's a sunset cruise from Kewalo Harbor.

WANDA: Where's that?

TOM: Honolulu.

WANDA: Alright.

Tom's phone ringtones (song to be determined) on the lampstand at his end of the bed.

Tom reaches for the phone.

WANDA: Who's that?

TOM: Virginia. Changed the ringtone.

WANDA: Okay.

TOM (answering): Hey there.

to be cont'd...

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