Thursday, April 13, 2017

boots: tom and ruth beginnings 3

Tom and Ruth are adopted and taken two Comanche, Texas by their parents, Wade and Mabel Walker, both early 40's.

Wade raised cattle on his property, had made some money in oil. Mabel unable to get pregnant, cervical cancer. Both from Oklahoma.

"Childhood to die for," as Tom will explain to Chloe when she inquires. Tom finds rodeo, Wade fully supports. Mabel is uber-nurturing of Ruth's obvious artistic talent.

Lots of acreage. A creek. Deer. Which leads Chloe to ask if Tom hunted or still hunts.

T Nope. Went out with my dad one time, got me a rifle for my twelfth birthday.

C Which is when?

November eleven. Eighteen minutes after Ruthie.


Town called Denton. Just north a Dallas.

(beat) So you got a rifle.

Got a rifle. You ever shot a gun?

She nods. Once. When I was a kid. A b-b gun. On a dare.

What did you shoot?

A glass jar on a fence.

He nods. I think I mighta done that a time or two.

Did you shoot a deer?

I did.

feels like fish on.

hunt to be cont'd...

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