Saturday, April 22, 2017

boots kerrville dining room table talkinamyself

int. dining table night

it's raining.

all nurse glasses of wine. two urns (tom's and ruth's ashes) on the table.

storm up from the gulf.

tom had mentioned there'd been rain in las cruces. carson references the southwest monsoon season.

did they get a chance to talk much? a little, introductory. plan was to get caught up via email. and they'd talked about a fishing trip sometime.

but not much about ruth.

virginia gives us a bigger picture that in so doing fleshes out tom. the painting in the dining room is ruth's, as is the painting - all oil on canvas - in the guest room carson sleeps in.

the painting we see in the living room in laramie when tom gets the call about her death is ruth's.

how they met on a faculty tubing trip.

virginia refers to a break in the storm in the morning, that maybe that would be a good time to head to the river.

all agree, off to bed.

carson's room. he calls Jackie, who's editing some of what she shot in ruidoso.

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