Friday, April 14, 2017

boots: diner: props

BOOTH at big window to sidewalk and street. SUNSET.

TOM and WANDA, across from each other.


Tom's COWBOY HAT on a hook on the booth.

Wanda's PURSE next to her on the seat.


The LARAMIE BOOMERANG NEWSPAPER on the table in a loose pile near the window.

Tom, PENCIL in hand, does the paper's CROSSWORD.

REMNANTS OF DINNER ON PLATES, near the aisle side of the table.

COFFEE MUGS from which Tom and Wanda drink decaf (made clear when BECKY, THE WAITRESS, asks if they want more.)

WYOMING LICENSE PLATES on the vehicles parked at the curb, visible through the window. Front and center, almost observing Tom and Wanda is the CREW-CAB PICKUP TRUCK (they will get into before driving away).


Gram Parsons' Return of the Grievous Angel faint on the diner speakers.

Murmur of conversation. Clatter and clanging of dishware.

The DING OF A BELL when someone enters or leaves.  

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