Sunday, April 23, 2017

boots diner dialogue final 1

Tom in the crossword, Wanda's attention fixed on her tablet, propped up like a laptop.

TOM: Here's one for ya.

WANDA: Shoot.

T: Five letters. Starts with an L, ends with an I, if fourteen across is Miami, and I'm pretty sure that's where a dolphin might catch a football. Clue is, porch and or patio and or Pineapple Island, perhaps. Pineapple Island is in caps.

Wanda looks up.

W (beat) Lanai.

T L-a-n-a-i?

W Yes.

She turns her tablet to him. She's on the Wiki page for the Hawaiian island of Lanai.

T Well how 'bout that.

W Kismet.

T Well alright.

He plants a kiss on her lips.

T Oh. Kismet. I thought you said...well. Too late now.

She beams.

T (reading) Largest pineapple plantation in the world.

W At one time.

Tom sits back, fills in the crossword. She turns her tablet back.

T Fits.

W Teamwork.

T Teamwork.

WAITRESS, Rachel (name tag on gingham blouse), 20, arrives.

RACHEL: More decaf?

Both Wanda and Tom cover their cups.

T: No thank you.

W I'm fine, thank you, sweetheart.

T We were just fixin' to clear on out and give ya yer booth back.

R Oh stop, you just sit still as long as you want, besides which, we really aren't that busy.

T Yet.

R Right. (seeing Wanda's tablet.) Are you going to Lanai, too?

W Oh. No, I just sort of surfed my way onto it.

R Good one.

Tom shows her the crossword.

T Eighteen down.

R (reading) Patio...pineapple...perhaps. (two beats) Well how 'bout that?

T Speakin' a surfin', I was thinkin' I might take a lesson.

W Is that so?

T You think I ain't serious.

W Surfing.

T On a surfboard. Yeah.

Tom winks at Rachel, who smiles.

W You are kidding.

T Maybe I ain't. I was readin' they have lessons right there on the beach outside our hotel. And Waikiki beach is supposed to be real beginner-friendly.

R Well, water should be warm.

T Warm water and nice gentle rollers.

W What are nice gentle rollers?

T The waves I'll be ridin'. Hangin' ten.

W Ah.

R I can see it.

W Oh I can see it too. And you can be darn sure I'll be right at water's edge with the camera rolling.

R Youtube.

T Well, now, not so fast here.

DING DING of customers through the door.

R Be right back.

She darts off.

to be cont'd.

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