Monday, April 10, 2017

boots: ruth and tom: beginnings 1

So, the last piece of the puzzle is not the cine-choreography of the first scene, the square dance, it is finalizing the backstory of Tom and Ruth, which gets fleshed out for us at the dining room table the night of the day Carson arrives in Kerrville at Ruthie and Virginia's house.

Virginia is - or was until Ruth's death, the event that triggers Tom's stop-over in Las Cruces - Ruth's life partner. Carson knew very little about Ruth, unable to track her down, and Tom has let us in on a little more, but not a lot. Plan having been to stay in touch, get caught up.

Virginia is happy to begin to fill in the blanks for Carson and does so at the table, rain tapping the window. She picks up the story of Ruth and Tom, twins, Ruth the first, when their young mother, abandoned by their father, drops them off, three years old, at the Methodist Children's Home in the middle of a wintry night, then heading to the Brazos River to drown herself. Her name was Mary.

The twins are not long thereafter adopted by a couple, Wade and Mabel Walker, late-30s, and raised outside Comanche, Texas.

to be cont'd...  

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