Saturday, April 8, 2017

Yi 1133: how did i break McP's heart?

Legge: The second line, dynamic, shows a well from which by a hole the water escapes and flows away to the shrimps and such small creatures among the grass, or one the water of which leaks away from a broken bucket.
Wilhelm/Baynes: At the well-hole one shoots fishes. The jug is broken and leaks.
Blofeld: Perch dart from the water in the well hole; the pitcher is worn out and leaks. [We are doubly unfortunate in that natural conditions (signified by fish in the water) and our own ineptitude or misfortune combine to ensure our failure.]
Liu: The well is like a valley (it is collapsed). The fish can be seen. The jug is old and it leaks. [One should be cautious now to avoid disaster.]
Ritsema/Karcher: The Well : a gully, shooting bass. The jug cracked, leaking. [Bass, FU: freshwater fish, said to go in pairs and be faithful.]
Shaughnessy: If the well is murky shoot the smelt; it is only the worn-out fish-trap.
Cleary (1): The depths of the well water a frog. The jar leaks. [While in the middle of self-development, if one wants to develop others before one’s own development is sufficient, one will be of no benefit to others, and will harm oneself first.]
Cleary (2): The depths of the well a minnow. The jar is broken and leaks. [This second yang is intellectual Buddhahood, where one has been influenced somewhat by learning but has not yet become a vessel of truth.]
Wu: The well is nearly dried up, with little water left for small fish. If one tries to draw water from it, the bucket will be damaged. [Apparently the water table has changed, which prevents water from flowing into the well. Trying to draw water from it not only is unsuccessful, but also will damage the bucket. The little water may be enough for small fish, but it is not enough for people.]

Wilhelm: Changing only this line creates Hexagram 39 - Chien / Obstruction. If we are capable of good but follow the bad eventually our capability for good erodes and disappears. Legge sees the problem for this line in the same way. The resultant hexagram 39, Obstruction, further reinforces the negative outlook for this line " individual is confronted by obstacles that cannot be overcome directly."

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