Thursday, April 13, 2017

Yi 1162: (i'm) wrong (revisited)

Legge: Line five, dynamic, shows its subject sweetly and acceptably enacting his regulations. There will be good fortune. The onward progress with them will afford ground for admiration.
Wilhelm/Baynes: Sweet limitation brings good fortune. Going brings esteem.
Blofeld: Voluntary restraint -- good fortune! Advancing now wins praise. [Presumably this means that we have rightly exercised restraint and that the time has now come for us to continue our advance.]
Liu: Sweet limitation. Good fortune. Undertakings bring honor.
Ritsema/Karcher: Sweet Articulating significant. Going possesses honor.
Shaughnessy: Sweet moderation; auspicious; in going there will be elevation.
Cleary (1): Contented discipline is good: If you go on, there will be exaltation.
Cleary (2): Contented regulation is auspicious. To go on will result in exaltation.
Wu: There is optimal regulation. Auspicious. Wherever he goes, he will succeed.
Confucius/Legge: The good fortune is due to the line occupying the place of authority and being in the center. Wilhelm/Baynes: The good fortune comes from remaining central in one's own place. Blofeld: This is indicated by the central position of this ruling line. Ritsema/Karcher: Residing-in the situation: centering indeed. Cleary (2): The position one is in is balanced. Wu: His central position.
Legge: Line five is dynamic and in his correct place. He has no proper correlate, and so regulates himself. But he is the lord of the hexagram, and his influence is everywhere beneficially felt.
Siu: Before exacting obedience from others, the man in a high position first applies the restrictions to himself. His beneficial influence is widely felt.
Wing: In influencing others you must become an example. When Limitations and restrictions are necessary, take them upon yourself first. In this way you are certain that they are acceptable while you win the praise and emulation of others. Good fortune.
Editor: If we don't impose restrictions on ourselves, we are not likely to influence others to do so: "Handsome is as handsome does." In many contexts, the line can suggest a situation in which one may advance only by clearly differentiating its inherent limitations.
But animals which live in pure nature never overdo anything, neither sex nor food nor anything else, because their patterns of behavior always impose the right measure and the moment to stop. The moment to start and the moment to stop is all built into their behavioral system, which is why Jung always said that animals were much more pious and religious than man because they really obey their inner order and really follow the meaning of what they are meant to be, never going beyond that. M.L. Von Franz -- Alchemical Active Imagination
A. Equitable discipline advances the Work.
B. By recognizing innate difficulties within the situation one is enabled to proceed pragmatically.
C. Maintain realistic expectations in the matter at hand.

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