Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A Love Story 42: Kenstuff

On their way to the ferry to Port Townsend - Carole is driving - Ken gets a call from his nine-year-old grandson. It's his son's ringtone (tbd) and Ken answers assuming it is but is pleasantly surprised when it's Brandon.

Carole takes note of the lift the call gives Ken. Ken will put him on speakerphone.

We'll learn that Brandon is being bullied and that it's a source of concern for Ken, worries him. Sometimes considers moving nearer. Not on the best of terms with his daughter-in-law.

We learn that the bicycling Ken does (with Paul) relates to dealing with depression, not nearly the weight that it was, particularly since bumping into Carole, but when his cat is killed by a coyote, Ken is knocked a little out of orbit.

He may show up at Carole's house unannounced.

Carole may well receive him enthusiastically.

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