Saturday, April 15, 2017

armadilla first pitch 1

Jeff is invited to take part in a first-pitch ceremony in I don't know where yet but someplace he played minor league baseball for a year. A reunion of sorts for players who played for this team and went on to have at least decent careers in the major leagues.

Find a city with an interesting minor league history and cool ballpark. Billings, Montana comes to mind but I have no idea why. So, google.

Bobby will drive him to the airport in either Austin or San Antonio. Or maybe it's a town Jeff will drive to.

A hotel. A hotel bar. Meets teammate from back then, his catcher, John.

They will get drunk. We'll hear John's tale of two marriages and divorces, a kid in trouble. The death of his parents.

He returns to his room, opens his wallet, stares at a photo of Colleen. A tear. He puts back the photo.

Bobby calls.

Jeff tells him to slap him the next time he bitches or moans about anything.

Well, sure. But likewise, brother.

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