Monday, April 3, 2017

armadilla act 2 beats 3


So, in the shed with Bobby and G and Jeff, the 911 farther along than when we first met it. A part has arrived. Needs to drive to San Antonio "tomorrow" for another if anybody wants to go for a drive.

Jeff will get a call. He's invited to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at an upcoming minor league game. Probably at Kokernot in Alpine.

[This occasion will introduce us to a former teammate of Jeff's, in the hotel bar where they meet. Hank is a heavy drinker, looks it, and relates to Jeff the story of his two unhappy marriages and divorces and hard situation with a kid who's on drugs.

Hank is quickly weary of telling his tale and asks about Colleen and Rachel.

Jeff corrects Rachel to Rebecca and relates to Hank the separation that seems to be settling in. Quiet staring at the ballgame on TV, then pitch-calling. Scene ends when they both call "balk" simultaneously.]


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