Friday, April 7, 2017

Yi 1128: A Love Story 40: Carole (and Ken and sex)

So, we know that Carole's sexual relations with her late husband were tepid at their infrequent warmest and a little about how that has affected her, if subtly.

It is the New and Improved in this regard that has her somewhat reconsidering the sexual dynamics that did and did not exist with her husband. She shares with Veronica and later, a little at a time, with Ken.

So Carole is experiencing a kind of late blooming in this regard. (And the reason I'm even jotting this down is because Just Write Something Dammit spurred consideration of a scene in which Carole actively and imaginatively prepares herself - bubble bath with wine, hair just-so, lingerie, makeup - a meeting with the mirror - for a night with Ken.)

Trying on her Seductress. Talking herself up and into it. Music playing.

I think it will be on their third meet-up, this time a neutral location. A nice hotel.

They see "Family" in her.

Legge: For the regulation of The Family, what is most advantageous is that the wife be firm and correct.
Wilhelm/Baynes: The Family . The perseverance of the woman furthers.
Blofeld:The Family. Women's persistence brings reward.
Liu:The Family. A woman's perseverance benefits.
Ritsema/Karcher: Dwelling People. Harvesting: woman Trial. [This hexagram describes your situation in terms of living and working with others in a common space. It emphasizes that caring for your relation with those who share this space and for the space itself is the adequate way to handle it. To be in accord with the time, you are told to: dwell with people!]
Shaughnessy: Family members: Beneficial for the maiden to determine.
Cleary (1): For people in the home it is beneficial that the woman be chaste. [In the human body, the vitality, spirit, soul, psyche, and intent all belong to yin and all take orders from the human mentality … When you refine away the human mind, the mind of tao spontaneously becomes manifest.]
Wu:The Family indicates that it is advantageous for a woman to be persevering. [This is a hexagram with its emphasis on women. Both constituent trigrams are feminine … Hence those who endeavor to be firm and correct will have advantages.]

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