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Yi 1049: what am i doing to get to where i want to be?

Are We There Yet?


But we are on our way.

Legge: The second line, dynamic, shows its subject dragging back the carriage wheel. With firmness and correctness there will be good fortune.
Wilhelm/Baynes: He brakes his wheels. Perseverance brings good fortune.
Blofeld: He brakes the wheel of the chariot -- righteous persistence brings good fortune! [But note that he uses his brake; i.e. our persistence must be in the form of determination to halt now and proceed later.]
Liu: He brakes the wheel. Continuing -- good fortune.
Ritsema/Karcher: Pulling-back one's wheels. Trial: significant.
Shaughnessy: Dragging his sash; determination.
Cleary (1): Dragging the wheels, it bodes well to be upright.
Cleary (2): … Rectitude is auspicious.
Wu: He pulls back the wheels. Perseverance brings good fortune.
Confucius/Legge: He is in the central place, and his action thereby becomes correct. Wilhelm/Baynes: The second line has good fortune if it is persevering. It is central and hence acts correctly. Blofeld: Namely, the good fortune of being able to steer a middle course and go straight forward. [If events permit us to interpret the braking of the wheel as a recent success in preventing ourselves being dragged into a wrong course, then all is well and there is no need to halt now.]Ritsema/ Karcher: Centering using moving correcting indeed. Cleary (2): Its activity is balanced. Wu: It is the correct way to go from the center.
Legge: Line two is dynamic, in the center, and is able to repress himself. He keeps the vehicle from advancing and there is good fortune. The K'ang-hsi editors observe that a dynamic line in the second place and a magnetic line in the fifth place are both incorrect, and yet with firm correctness in their subjects there will be good fortune -- such is the virtue of the central position.
Siu: The man represses untimely actions through patient control of his strength, while remaining steadfast in his resolve.
Wing: Even though you may know what must be done, the time is not right for action. Exercise patience and develop strength. If you maintain an inner determination to proceed when the opportunity presents itself, you will be successful. Do not allow this delay to turn you away from your goal.

Line 2 Braking the wheels = perseverance brings good fortune. Changes to (35) Progress. Because you realize that the situation requires a bit more time to gel it is good that you have put the brakes on moving anxiously forward. Progress can be achieved whether or not you are applying pressure or action. Periods of pausing to allow events to unfold naturally will lead to good fortune. It is important to be persevering in moving in step with how the situation is unfolding. Don’t rush.

9 at 2: Dragging one's wheels. Determination auspicious.
Don't let anything make you move faster than your own pace, and move even a little bit slower. Your speed goes down, but your strength and oversight go up. Learn from your sewing machine: the low speed is the power speed.
(Changes to hex.35)

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