Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Love Story 39

When Carole visist Ken in Silver City she sees the road bike in the garage the day Ken is going to drive them "up the mountain." Asks how long he's been riding. They've bumped into Paul in town, Ken tells her Paul is his riding partner. How'd he get into cycling?


He talks about previous therapy post-divorce and his therapist being a cyclist and signing up for a ride and that ride changing things for him and how it's a helpful treatment for his occasional "blues."

Depression? Carole asks?


Yes, occasionally, Ken continues, but nothing like previously and really more like moods, and nothing since we met in the airport. And that's, what, five months?

And six days. 

How 'bout you?

Carole talks about her difficulty when her husband died. Meeting Veronica, who helped. Still helps. A dream she had. You help, she tells him.

He kisses her cheek.

Hits the switch that opens the garage door.

Top down okay?

She nods, smiling. 

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