Saturday, March 4, 2017

Yi 938: All Water Flows to Boots, suddenly

What seems to have happened is that my subconscious has sensed the higher directive that it's time to put down everything else and get to working on nothing but Boots until "fade to black."

Because the moment I contemplate working on a different project, or venturing off into other doodling, there's an inner stoppage that feels very much like a No, enough of that, whatever flow there is, steer it into Boots; THAT is the order of business now. To attempt to get around that bumps into an immediate block; as if my sub-conscious has had enough of the hemming and hawing and hesitation and will no longer support venturing off what is now Point.

All the other stuff will be there when I get back and will have benefited from time away via the "magic" of gestation, of putting something down so it can develop in my subconscious.

And I'm glad for that; it's organic and correct and, further, I'm ready. I close my eyes and run through every beat til the last scene and realize there's no more discovery (other than the form of Tom's dream) to be done; all that remains is the daily sitting-ass-in-seat and the tedium of typing it up.

Anyway, I find the all-other-roads-are-closed dynamic/sense to be interesting; some higher editor stepping in and more or less steering all available "flow" into Rio Boots.

Finally. It's been a very long and winding road to get to this point, but I'm here. 

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