Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Jake and Giang, again

Since I don't know whether I wanna put the square dance (that opens Boots) in the high school gymnasium, where I've had it, or a multi-purpose room in some sorta community center, nor how I want the square dance to be "sourced" - a live caller or a senior manning the laptop and speakers - I find that I revert to the first morning Giang wakes up at Jake's. (Yes, Jacob.) for something to throw notes at.

He's picked her up at the airport in Missoula the previous afternoon. She's flown out from Orange County, California. (We do not yet know the specifics of their relationship.)

Over an hour-and-a-half drive to his cabins in the woods. Winter. Snow on the ground. Her exposure to it - walk to the truck from the terminal, meeting the dogs before hurrying inside - has been minimal but she knows it's cold unlike she's ever experienced. (Having grown up in Vietnam and then Westminster, California.)

But the next morning the temperature has dropped, and he's taking her out on the snowmobiles. She's woken to one of the dogs in her doorway "keeping an eye" as Jake said one of the three dogs would, and the warmth of the blaze Jake has going in the river-rock fireplace.

He's also got breakfast going and coffee waiting. She'll note the thermometer on the back porch. Ten-below. She tells him she doesn't have clothing for such weather. He shows her that he does. She'll try it on - a little more function than fashion but Jake did give it some thought (as not enough function can prove dangerous) - and is quickly over-toasty in the high-end cold-weather garb he's got her.


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