Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Love Story 37: Carole backstory sketch 1

Carole, like Ken (same "class of"), has recently turned the corner 'round 60 and has that landmark a couple years behind her now.

They met in college. (And I guess I could decide on that with the flip of a coin.) (Or query of Yi.)

Unlike Ken, Carole comes from a blue-collar background and upbringing. (Ken himself references and almost bemoans his "learned softness.") There will be a mutual recollection of Carole having considered Ken back then - college, ships in the night, a shared acting class that fulfilled a requirement, dormitory moments, and one party in particular - "cute but maybe a little too country-clubby" for her.


They went to Cal (Berkeley). Carole grew up in either Richmond or Oakland. Father a union electrician. (Or?) Mother was an "administrative aide" - file clerk - at Contra Costa College in its early years.

An older brother got drafted, went to Vietnam, did not come back.

Carole was a junior in high school when he died, had been a cross-country runner, but stopped that, began to withdraw, found solace in the library, read herself into a point of view, earned an academic scholarship to Cal, majored in political science.

Met Ken. Through friends of friends/classmates. Here and there. Both were dating other people, neither of whom were present at this particular party when Carole smoked weed for the first time. Both have vivid recollections of the occasion, which Ken remembers as a "seed event."

Both graduated, went separate ways into the rest of their respective lives, not to meet again until that day in SFO when they bump into each other at the coffee shop.

Carole traveled Europe that summer with her boyfriend, a trip that grew her up a little, as she puts it, and ended that relationship as well.

Onto graduate school.

to be cont'd...   

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