Friday, March 31, 2017

pecos: the fight

we don't know how he hurt his hand when we meet henry in the first scene when he is leaving ventura county jail in the middle of the night. he just tells his favorite bartender that he "broke it" working on something.

bartender - goth chick, tats and piercings - knows not to pursue it.

we learn more about it when danny, who has returned home from the v.a. in big spring the night of the fight, asks henry about it later, when he tells henry who he has fucked up in knocking out jesse.

knocking out jesse in the parking lot at kokernot field the night of his (first) date with susan, danny's mother, who has told danny, who has asked because of the ice pack she has applied to henry's hand.

jesse was a schoolmate of danny's. now gets opiates to kevin (also a classmate), danny's best friend.

blah blah.

anyway, at the game, henry snags with his bare hand a hot line drive foul ball, hands it to susan. jesse had counted on it being his souvenir, to give to his kid sister. jesse also spills his beer. jesse recognizes susan.


he picks the fight in the parking lot. witnesses gather. sidekick suggests to jesse to let it go.

fat chance.

phones come out, cameras aimed at the altercation.

(the youtube versions jesse sees later add embers to the blazing inferno jesse has inside him.)

jesse is handy enough with his hands but he's made a bad choice in singling out henry, who is basically one-handed, trying to protect his still-healing right.

it's over pretty quick. jesse can't land shit and eats four or five sewing machine-fast straight lefts that henry puts through through jesse's hands-up defense, busting and bloodying his nose.

sidekick gets the stupid idea to reach for something but is stopped by a nearby cowboy's suggestion that he rethink that, showing the pistol of the gun that would certainly trump sidekick's blade.

finally jesse drops his left to throw a right and catches with his chin the right henry snaps like a cobra strike.

down goes frazier.

security on the way. time to go.

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