Sunday, March 26, 2017

dream: some dude in green through a crack in a door

well, not like a crack in the door.

the crack between the door (slightly ajar) and the door frame. maybe an inch or two.

enough to look through and see looking back at me from the room on the other side of the door a male, younger than me, wearing green. his shirt or coat anyway. but I think another article too.


an opening.

and more green things.

I remember too that my p.o.v. was high than his, as in I was standing and he was, I'm fairly certain, sitting. wanna say he had glasses on too. maybe even a kind of nerdy element. which is fine.

of course.

at any rate, I'm at the door. and it is open.

prob'ly more promising than a no trespassing sign.


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