Sunday, March 26, 2017

dream: more gorgeous green pow'rful pickup

same truck? not sure but that beyond-beautiful green paint, same family anyway, and this time closer up, the view presented to me in very much the same fashion as was  the black nine-eleven.

maybe I can find a something-of-a-facsimile example of the color but I'd be surprised to find anything that could capture it. but probly ballparkish.

anyway, so further consideration of the last truck and the first 911 effected a kind of doh! re: "finishing touch(es)" re: the "vehicles."



so - and I do need this confirmation - i'm'onna be little more lenient with my nit-picking self, 'cause while tedious, it pays in the end.

also - occurs to me - attention-getting paint jobs.

and all my dream vehicles cost a couple dimes. (these trucks are gonna run at least 70K, for sure after the custom paint.) 

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