Thursday, March 30, 2017

dream: McP and her undying declaration

hmm. had been considering a couple days ago that's it's been awhile.

per usual, weighty.

standing face to face, embrace.

she puts in my ear what I'd not mind hearing, and louder toward the end, as if for emphasis.

or lest, perhaps, I be deaf.

she lets me know she doesn't care about "all the other cute girls" (where?) and that, well, adhesion remains.

I'm taken aback, o' course, but pleasantly so, to understate. (an element of disbelief.)

but then again, here she is and the words are coming out of her mouth straight into my ear.

a moment after she's finished and away from our embrace she tenses up and I inquire and she tells me she's worried that I won't be - wonders if I will be - "here tomorrow."

cue carole king. (that didn't happen.)

end dream, with me, like, knowing I will.

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