Wednesday, March 22, 2017

found fortune 38

This morning.

I walked past it, the folded in half white thing you see in the foreground (bottom of the "screen") in today's cover photo.

the folded in half white thing in the puddle on the sidewalk, down from the parking meter.

I walked past it before going back to check because I kind of thought it wasn't at first, though it fit the size. maybe something about how it was drenched.

and because someone was walking close behind me who, when I turned 'round to look for, having continued up flower past the fortune, turned out not to be who I thought it might've been, someone who'd come out from the metro entrance.

and because I "knew" and suspected (more) Good News. hoped for, certainly.

so I walked back, picked it up, tearing it in so doing, and came to my desk and let it dry out.

I presume it is "re"warded.

cover photo, 22 March

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