Friday, March 24, 2017

A Love Story 38: random factoids sketch

1. Carole's late husband liked jazz, she's got all his records. Will put one on, after some deliberation, the night of the day they return from Port Townsend. (She puts it on because she has learned, through Q and A, that Ken also likes jazz, particularly bebop.)

The artist will be the one over the speakers in the SFO coffee shop when they bump into each other. She will know it because she's heard it before.

She'll put it on and wonder if Ken will recognize it. He will, and that it was on the speakers when they bumped into each other in the coffee shop. This recollection will not lose him any points with Carole.

2. Previous to this, during Carole's visit to Ken's in Silver City, they will:

a. See a movie (The Last Picture Show) at The Silco and talk about it later, over glasses of wine at place up the block.

b. Take in a sunrise on Boston Hill.

to be cont'd...

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