Friday, March 31, 2017

Armadilla: Bobby: what i know

Jeff's a-few-years-older brother. Lives in the house their father built on land with Guadalupe River frontage, somewhere between Sisterdale and Spring Branch, Texas. Not huge but acreage enough.

Bobby was a high school and college football player, a linebacker in high school and safety at the University of ______. (Arkansas came to mind first but somewhere else will later.) (Jeff played baseball, pitched for the Houston Astros.)

Injuries curtailed his career and introduced him to painkillers. From there a spiral that includes meeting, marrying and divorcing Lucille, whose blog he has found and follows. They have not been in contact for a very long time. His demons drove her away. (She is recently divorced in Nacogdoches but more on Lucille later.)

Some jail time, a "rough patch," hitting bottom, the long climb back up, the corner finally turned when their parents died in a car crash, the Big Bang that woke him from his derelict somnambulism. 

Doesn't work anymore except for property upkeep, projects of his own, including the ongoing rehabilitation of an old Porsche 911. Hangs out with Guillermo - "G" -  an 80-something neighbor up the road, practically family.

Carries a torch for Lucille.

Couple tattoos. Always has a "well, there was that time down in..." story for Rebecca, Jeff's daughter (who has just graduated from Rice and is readying for departure to California's Bay Area for graduate school). He will have a San Francisco story, probably involving Lucille.

Walks with a slight limp.

if I had a psych. 

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