Monday, February 6, 2017

Yi 823: Eureka! a play?


there was a slight sense of seed planted that night,

Something like:

A native son or daughter has achieved acting stardom and returned to perform in a play (that perhaps he or she has written) (and/or is producing) at the black-box(ish) local theatre.  Probably a San Francisco theatre reporter figures in. The director, of course, as well, and at least one co-star of the opposite gender. (Or not.) Likely a personal demon or two, as well as a snapshot (of sorts) of, ahem, Theatre in America. Would do me well, by the way, to Play again.

Legge: The sixth line, dynamic, shows the overthrow and removal of the condition of distress and obstruction. Before this there was that condition. Hereafter there will be joy.
Wilhelm/Baynes: The standstill comes to an end. First standstill, then good fortune.
Blofeld: Stagnation (obstruction) has now been overcome and is followed by great joy.
Liu: Stagnation ends. First there is stagnation, later good fortune.
Ritsema/Karcher: Subverting Obstruction. Beforehand Obstruction, afterwards rejoicing.
Shaughnessy: Momentary wife; at first negative, later happy.
Cleary (1): Overturning obstruction: first there is obstruction, afterward joy.
Wu: Stagnation is ousted, etc.
Confucius/Legge: How could it be prolonged? Wilhelm/Baynes: When standstill comes to an end, it reverses. One should not wish to make it permanent. Blofeld: In the end it must be overcome. How could it endure forever? [The process of change is continuous. This is the last line, which is held to have emerged from the evil symbolized by the hexagram as a whole.]Ritsema/Karcher: Wherefore permitting long-living indeed? Cleary (2): What can last? Wu: How could it last?
Legge: There is an end to the condition of distress. It was necessary that that condition should give place to its opposite; and the dynamic line in the topmost place fitly represents the consequent joy.
Siu: Stagnation and disintegration give way to happiness and progress. But they may not last long.
Wing: The opportunity to change a situation from Stagnation to progress is at hand. It will not happen of its own accord. A strong and continuing sense of purpose is necessary to achieve and maintain the greatest possible heights of success.
Editor: When this line changes the hexagram becomes number forty-five: Contraction. This suggests that when an impasse is finally broken, the energy released begins to accumulate for a new cycle of growth.

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