Monday, February 6, 2017

boots: carson's office: contents

The details of the space have been lately bothering me like mosquitoes, so time to just make a list, get it started that way.

Big window view to the Organ Mountains, up in our face.

Carson's desk, near the door at the back of the room, is aimed at the window.

An old wooden desk.

Hardwood flooring under Navajo rug in the middle of the room.

Carson's desk chair is on rollers.

Book shelves on one wall opposite an abstract oil on canvas (describe) on the other.

Old leather recliner near a telescope in a corner at the window.

Leather sofa under the painting.

Carson's desk populated by a laptop, featuring a Chloe screensaver; a framed photograph of Chloe; a stack of clean yellow legal pads on one side, another stack, written-on, on the other. Another framed photograph of a woman of perhaps 30, standing behind a boy of about 12, her hands on his shoulders from where they stand on a short pier beyond which is a lake and the woods on the other side.

The boy holds a fishing pole straight up next to him.

A set of spurs on one far corner of the desk, and what looks like an award of sorts, a kind of trophy - to be more thoroughly described later - on the other.

And what appears to be a hardcover novel called The Last Rodeo Clown, by Carson Murphy. Cover art features a rodeo clown and I don't know the rest yet so to be described when I get to it in final.   

A few large photographs on the wall behind Carson that, we'll learn from Carson's talk with Tom later, were taken by Cindy (now, weird how names bubble up), his ex-wife (and Chloe's mom), who is a professional.

The spurs are spurs, by the way, that Tom gave to Carson's mother way back then. Tom will of course recognize them when he enters, as well as the four-frame photo booth photo of Tom and Carson's mother, Ruby (I think), taken at the Santa Monica pier.

So, don't know why this minutiae had been such a struggle to finally address but at least a start through the sluggishness to get this ball rolling.

but this is small exceeding.

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