Wednesday, February 8, 2017

boots: kerrville beats again: visuals only

1. Virginia and Wanda on the porch in the rain just begun to fall.

2. Carson driving Tom's truck across the bridge over the Guadalupe River. Raindrops on the windshield. Carson hits the wipers.

3. Virginia and Wanda, Carson arriving. They all go inside, the rain falling harder.

4. All 'round the dining room table. Ruth's painting.

5. a. Jackie in her home editing studio, building her Ruidoso Day movie. A freeze-frame still, when she stops to answer Carson's call, of Tom and Carson downstream, Chloe in foreground, staring at the camera.

    b. Carson in the guest room at Virginia's house.

6. Wanda and Virginia in robes under the covers. Lights out.

7. At the river.

to be cont.d

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