Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Yi 830: chinese woman in the intersection dream revisited for the umpteenth time

I'm at the intersection, waiting for the sign(al) to cross.

I notice her just as I step into the crosswalk, stop, U-turn(ish), walk over to where she is, also at the intersection, though as I recall she has not stepped into the crosswalk.

Regardless, at this point she is nearer to it, given I have come back to give her a thorough going-over, which she reciprocates, removing her glasses (round lens) so as to, it seems, see me better, up close.

I note her grey slacks, which conjure for me "corporate" and/or "professional."

I also note that she wears them quite well.

So, crossings. Paths intersecting at crossings. Cross roads?

And where am I (or we) about to go? I remember that in the dream I am angst-free, maybe a little even lighter in spirit.

What's on the other side of this very real intersection? Well, the entrance to the subway, for one; so there's more travel, more crossing (the great river?).

Is she crossing away from corporate?

And we give each other a prolonged going-over, like, maybe - I don't know, just throwing thoughts at this - we're checking to see if this is - we are? - "for real"?

For one, this crossing I am about to make, have in fact already set in motion, would probably reflect the change that is required for any sort of "us." Status quo, on my end, would not support such a union.

If she removes her glasses to see me better up close, is she near-sighted? Why are the lenses of her glasses round. And how then is she far-sighted? Perhaps that is the point.

And there is the sense of "not yet," or having just met, the crossing of the intersection not yet in effect, but nearing.


What is definite/known? We have met. We are basically examining each other. We are in fact staring, almost as if at respective foreign objects, assessing.

"Many had reason for 'opposition eyes'. But it means also the unknown others one stares at, those one feels different from, or simply are not oneself: standing face to face with you, talking or silent, nice or unfriendly."

I have in fact received 38 on several occasions where staring or strong eye contact was part of the dynamic.

As far as differences, seems to me based on what little I know that we do come from and inhabit dissimilar worlds.  

At any rate, interesting.

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