Friday, February 3, 2017

boots: @ the hubbard: notes


1. Group selfie(s) out front, having just arrived.

2. Later, at a saddle exhibit, at which Tom lends a near dissertation on the subject, he is overheard then recognized by a man of his own age, a "vaquero" from back in the old days, when Tom was in Mexico having left Los Angeles. His name is Victor, clad in new boots, jeans, big belt buckle, western shirt, bolo tie, big straw cowboy hat. Tom's attire but one notch louder.

Tom betrays his knowledge of Spanish in bits and pieces of his conversation with Victor, who is with a group on its way to Ruidoso Downs for a day at the races. (Or perhaps on the way to the casino in Mescalero. At any rate, it's what necessitates the brevity of their conversation.) They exchange numbers.

While so doing, Carson is recognized by someone else in the group. She happens to have his latest, in hardcover. Would Carson sign it.

This makes for a "moment" between Tom and Victor. Tom tells him "more later."

(Later, after Tom has died and we've heard the ringtone when Wanda, not yet knowing, calls, Victor will also call.)

Carson suggests and Tom agrees that it is indeed a "small world."

3. Walking back to the car, Carson suggests lunch in town. Chloe remarks that Tom's grasp of Spanish is a little more than "poquito," as Tom had described it earlier when talking about what Chloe's foreign language (in school) is.

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