Thursday, February 2, 2017

dream: backing up two black bulls

as best I recall, like bookends of the same dream.

at any rate, two occasions, both in the driveway of my grandmother's house.

(she died over 20 years ago; that house, that my grandfather built, is also no longer.)

on the first occasion I come across the bull near the garage (door closed). I'm a little startled but some bull whisperer of something came up and the bull, that I thought might charge, turned and walked away.

same as on the second occasion, in the driveway nearer the street.

bullshit, get ye away?

something more matadorish.

some bull whispering going on.

at any rate, not to overanalyze but to simply accept as indicative of good wildlife management.

words, not swords.  

found image

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