Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Love Story 29: their fight 1

got it.

about politics. something spurs a discussion, leading to carole's stewing, that ken asks about.

carole lets him know that his politics sound a little apathetic.

ken, somewhat stunned, considers this and replies that he really didn't come here for a lecture.

carole asks him why in fact he did come.

ken reminds her he was invited.

ken excuses himself for a walk. i'll be back in a couple hours.

carole suggests they should talk about it.

ken lets her know that they will, in a couple hours.

carole, angry confused, calls the friend who'd given her the weed she had planned on putting in the brownies that night. (carole hasn't touched the stuff since college, thirty-something years ago.)

carole's friend is an astrologer of sorts and remarks that of course carole would push on it, all that aries activated by pluto's square in transit.

cut to tom on his walk. he'll stop to call his friend in albuquerque. a conversation in which ken's friend suggests that yes, maybe tom is a little politically apathetic.

as in:

"well, kenneth, you are."

later: "let me know how it goes."

asks about the brownies. ken answers, "tonight. maybe."

ken returns, caught in the rain.

cut to carole on phone. "feels like I'm having a period again. emotionally, I mean.

friend throws some more astrology at her, something about venusian tension. "speaking of which."

carole: what?

friend: did you?

carole: did I what?

friend: you two. the two of you. (beat) sex.

carole: (beat) oh.

pause. the doorbell.

carole: he's back. talk to you later.

a productive, honest, "to-be-continued" conversation that ends with carole's suggestion that maybe ken could help her with the brownies.

it's not too early for a glass of wine, is it?

sound of cork popped.

(later, carole is a little embarrassed when she learns about ken's spca event and annual contribution).

ken admits that yes, he can see how he might seem apathetic. carole admits she could probably do better taking care of her business and keeping out of that of other people.


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