Tuesday, February 28, 2017

illness as metaphor

kidding. that title's taken.

just to record that it's no accident that an illness corresponds with the end of "that" era and beginning of "this" new era.

and this potent cold i have is a friendly reminder about health, taking it for granted, nurturing it, and how shitty it is to be physically unwell.

and yes, this is only a cold.

(i also get to face my inner whiner.)

(and other stuff.)

at any rate, sobering.

more on that another time, maybe.

given how i feel right now, i have a hard time seeing going to work tomorrow.

dream natasha and a hat of lights.

fever dream, just a quick image.

natasha looking at me.

with a horizontal array of lights - like headlights - across her forehead. four, i think.

like you'd see the lights atop the windshield of a truck, like this.

thought: back to "getting a better look." high-beams to light me up.

or, am i a deer in her headlights.


i have a nasty cold

it sucks.

should not have gone to work yesterday but did.

came home, straight to bed, where i have been for the most part since.

woke up with it worse this morning.

really can't even make use of the laid-out time to ponder boots, or anything else, as the brain seems not to work so well.

so, forget it, embrace the "stop, rest, recover" aspect of it.

sure makes me appreciate my health.

anyway, decided to walk to the eight bar, try to force down a salad.

this sucks.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Yi 930: X w/ex, again

interesting dreams. why not ask?

Legge: The fifth line, magnetic, shows how all occasion for repentance disappears from its subject. But let her not concern herself about whether she shall fail or succeed. To advance will be fortunate, and in every way advantageous.
Wilhelm/Baynes: Remorse disappears. Take not gain and loss to heart. Undertakings bring good fortune. Everything serves to further.
Blofeld: Regret vanishes. Care not for loss or gain. To seek some goal or destination now would bring good fortune; everything is favorable.
Liu: Remorse vanishes. One should not mind gain or loss. To act brings good fortune and benefit in everything.
Ritsema/Karcher: Repenting extinguished. Letting-go, acquiring, no cares. Going significant, without not Harvesting.
Shaughnessy: Regret is gone. The arrow is gotten; do not pity; going is auspicious; there is nothing not beneficial.
Cleary (1): Regret vanishes. Loss or gain, don’t worry. It is good to go: everything will benefit.
Cleary (2): … Don’t worry about loss of gains, etc.
Wu: There will be no regret. He is not concerned with either gains or losses.
To advance is auspicious. Nothing is disadvantageous.

Yi 929: the new moderation

Yi 928: how do hangovers kill creativity?

just does not work.

Legge: The first line, magnetic, shows its subject deeply desirous of long continuance. Even with firm correctness there will be evil; there will be no advantage in any way.
Wilhelm/Baynes: Seeking duration too hastily brings misfortune persistently. Nothing that would further.
Blofeld: To ensure his continuance, he digs a hole for himself. This sort of determination brings misfortune, for he is unable to go anywhere.
Liu: One seeks duration too insistently; to continue this brings misfortune. Nothing is of benefit.
Ritsema/Karcher: Diving Persevering, Trial: pitfall. Without direction: Harvesting.
Shaughnessy: Distant constancy; determination is inauspicious; there is no place beneficial.
Cleary (1): Deep constancy; fidelity brings misfortune. No benefit.
Cleary (2): In deep constancy, fidelity brings misfortune; there is no gain.
Wu: He seeks a lasting relationship from afar. Even though he is earnest, it will be foreboding and there is nothing to be gained.
Confucius/Legge: The evil attached to the deep desire for long continuance arises from the deep seeking of it at the commencement of things. Wilhelm/ Baynes: The misfortune arises from wanting too much immediately at the outset. Blofeld: Misfortune caused by trying to achieve enduring results at the very beginning. Ritsema/Karcher: Beginning seeking depth indeed. Cleary (2): The misfortune … is from seeking depth to start with. Wu: Because he starts by seeking an intimate relationship.
Legge: Line one has a proper correlate in four, but between them are two dynamic lines, and it is itself magnetic. These conditions prevent her from receiving much help from line four. She should be quiet and not be anxious for action. The emphasis of what is said derives from her being the first line of the figure, at "the commencement of things."
Siu: At the outset the man wants to endure. Whatever endures must be gradually matured. There is no advantage in precipitous action.
Wing: Do not attempt to wholly and quickly embrace a method or system that is new to you. Life-styles cannot be changed overnight. There are no shortcuts to reform. Such things are cultivated and matured in order to bring about the desired results.
Editor: The image depicts compulsive persistence in trying to force an issue or in seeking a premature synthesis. If this is the only changing line, the hexagram becomes number thirty-four, Great Power,implying that perhaps you are too impatient for results. The Work demands change, and often we long for some measure of stability which is inappropriate to the process taking place. Ritsema/Karcher translate “Without direction: Harvesting” as: "No plan or direction is advantageous; in order to take advantage of the situation, do not impose a direction on events." The second clause suggests that circumstances will improve if you just don't meddle with them.

Legge: The fourth line, dynamic, shows a field where there is no game.
Wilhelm/Baynes: No game in the field.
Blofeld: No game in the field.
Liu: No birds in the field. For a long time one is out of place. How can one get birds. [If you receive this line, you should not expect success, even with heightened efforts. Rather, be wary of losing your present position.]
Ritsema/Karcher: The fields without wildfowl.
Shaughnessy: In the fields there is no game.
Cleary(1): Fields, no game.
Wu: He hunts, but his bag is empty.
Confucius/Legge: Going for long to what is not his proper place, how can he get game? Wilhelm/Baynes: When one is forever absent from one's place, how can one find game? Blofeld: How can one who remains long out of place hope to gain his quarry? [ A reference to the unsuitable position of this line. An example of what is implied is furnished by people whose talents and interests incline them towards a profession quite different from the one in which they are employed; with the best will in the world, they cannot do justice to themselves.]Ritsema/Karcher: No lasting whatever: one's situation. Quietly acquiring the wildfowl indeed. Cleary(2): This is not the place for persistence. How can one catch game? Wu: He has not been in the right place for a long period of time. How can he have bagged any game?
Legge: Line four is dynamic in a magnetic place, thus suggesting the symbolism.

Yi 927: what have i to contribute that Angel would nourish?

I get help.

Yi 926: blocked. come back tomorrow