Sunday, January 29, 2017

tweet starbucks dtla devils river dream

"my" starbucks, my four-shot espresso, stop on the way in to work on a don't know what yet.

john the writer said so it's - this blog - is your diary.

i'd never, believe it or not, considered it as such but yes, of course, it is.

the whence i wonder not about.

i knew i was in the devils river because of the silt i was standing in. silt i had read about when reading up on the river and discovering the "silt" where it empties itself into lake amistad.

i was up to my knees in the silt. thus my immediate association.

but getting out of the river, it turned out, involved a difficult self-extrication from what suddenly became more sewage pipe/tunnel than river. a narrow opening that was not going to be easily slipped through.

so, THAT devil's.

i got it then, just wanted to finally write it.

slip. fall.

get back up.

try, try, again.

dreamt last week of being a little stuck in a big spider web.

got that too.

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