Monday, January 23, 2017

dream homes revisited: an exercise in recollection.

1. The spread somewhere near Jackson, Wyoming. A river runs through it. Or at least a nearby river's fingers over and through gravel bars. Fish in a barrel. Kristie. One level but big square footage. Big glass, airy interior. Wood and stone.

1a. "23 Ranch" and realtor, also somewhere near Jackson, or so it seemed. With mom.

2. The villa atop the hill covered by other villas.

3. The "reveal" spread, all by itself atop a hill in a green sea of rolling hills reminiscent of the central coast.

4. The adobe mansionette in a small (and probably gated) neighborhood up high above whatever community is far below.

5. Hollywood Hills homes, at least a few.

6. Hilltop home somewhere in what seems like the East Bay. (Add tall blonde.)

Many others, going back years.

Seems therapeutic somehow to give them some more consideration.

more added as I remember and revisit.

interestingly, the two dream residences I've felt most "at home" around (as I had yet to be inside) were much more "modest," not at all mansion, more intimate and cozy and warm.

but the over-the-top "wealth" stuff is at least interesting and I probably oughtn't take them as indicative of anything but at least halfway okay.

7. ah yes. the having-arrived at home - with the brown-haired woman who says thank you for having walked her to it, arriving as my party is starting. upstairs view of lake, reminiscent of texas hill country, maybe. my dog greets me.

8. the house I've been to twice, with mom, like I've bought it for her. definitely in the hill country. old-school clapboard charmer near a stream. no neighbors anyplace too close.

9. The neighborhood that doesn't actually exist (because I think it can't, legally) on the coast somewhere between Newport and laguna.

10. at least a couple other coastal town settings, broad leafy streets, the coast below, bottom of the hill. having written that reminds me that on a couple occasions of these visits I am in fact in Newport, the low hills above pch and the marina, which would be lido island-adjacent, sort of.

11. fly-overs - me, flying - on at least a few occasions of a community of widely spaced log cabin homes, all of which feature impressive square footage and lots, and "knowing" Northern Rockies.

doesn't hurt.

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