Sunday, January 22, 2017

run 1

not the first "run 1" here but definitely the most recent.

decided to forego the bike and get on the treadmill instead. just felt like plodding uphill for an hour was the better call. a certain grounding effect running renders.

felt good. a good hard.

fueled up on "perfect brunch bowl" and two IPA's at the eight bar.

started at default "slow" (specific numbers later, afte i've made some gains) and 5% incline, to 5.5 at 17 minutes, 6.5 at 37:30, and finished there.

it's a start, again.

will take tomorrow off, lift (chest and back) tuesday, ride (cycleops) wednesday, shoulders thursday, arms friday, run weekend, go from there kind of like that.

feel better from the honest effort.

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