Wednesday, January 25, 2017

boots abq to las cruces revisited

Tom arrives ABQ motel, sunset.

Tom enters the room with suitcase. Sits down on bed and removes his boots, turns on the TV to the last scene of Shane. Turns it off, makes a phone call.

Meet Virginia. Answers Tom's call.

Tom ends call, enters bathroom. Sound of shower started.

Wanda, porch with coffee, sunrise. Tom's ringtone.

Tom in the truck, motel parking lot, on the phone. Ends call. Starts engine, drives out of the lot.

Meet Carson, at desk in home office, day. Big window view to the Organ Mountains, up-close. Describe office. Gets a call, re: business, a "draft" he's working on "just finishing up." "How's the weather in New York?" End call. He checks watch, leaves.

Tom on I-25 nearing Las Cruces, per highway signage. He checks rearview, changes lanes, pulls off the highway. 

Gas station mart. Tom buys a pack of cigarettes, goes to truck parked in fueling bay, gets in, lights up a cigarette. He begins to enter an address on the GPS.

Carson's bedroom, clothes laid out on bed, sound of shower from bathroom, then turned off, sound of shower door opened and shut, Carson enters in towel. Another call. "Be there in an hour."

Tom driving Soledad Canyon Road, Organ Mountains up close now. GPS says turn left at such-and-such.


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