Tuesday, September 19, 2017

a love story: the sex (scenes) revisited: talkinamyself

they were in college together, not friends, but acquaintances with a few shared recollections, including a party in which they both smoked weed, she for the first time.

he is ken, she is carole. they are 60 when they meet again 40 years removed from the last time they saw each other at a graduation party. 

she is in san francisco to place flowers on the spot where her husband of thirty years was killed in a hit-and-run four (?) years previously. she returns to do this each year at the same time on the anniversary of the occasion.

to be cont'd...

Yi 1772: Annamarie 131

good. it's put there to be seen.

Yi 1771: www 1

you can be a white woman and shop at walmart and not but be a www (aka dubyadubyadubya) but there is a particular, um, tribe I have in mind, and i'm just wondering what it is that so runs me off.